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An Extravaganza: Le Carnaval du Portrait | Call for entries

January 31, 2008  by: Admin

An Extravaganza : Le Carnaval du Portrait

@ Big Orbit, March 8, at 7:30 PM


Submit a project:

  • Something that will engage the visitors
  • Something inspired by your deepest fantasy
  • Something that is artsy, fun and surreal
  • Something that allows you/the visitors to become their desire or your own
  • Something that change your image or the one of the visitor
  • Something that will entice the visitors to take risk
  • Something in any art form pioneered by Duchamp, Warhol, Dali, Stellarc, the Fluxus

Think of this project as something that you will realize quickly and simply and, will transform our everyday life into the unusual.

This is an open call to all of us; students, faculty, and staff.

YOU submit your most outrageous art concept to:

You can talk with, bribe, sell, your brilliant idea to the selection committee to assure that your project will be selected for the Art Extravaganza: Le Carnaval du Portrait.

We are anxiously waiting for your proposal. Please include a short description of your idea and images if necessary. Please forward to us at: by February 7.

If you have questions just find one of us in the CFA

  • Colleen Cunningham
  • Anne Muntges
  • Sylvie Bélanger
  • Ben Van Dyke
  • Jeff Sherven
  • Domenic Licata
  • Greg Corbi
  • Tim White
  • Nick Dolci