UB Graphic Design Internships for Academic Credit 

The main goal of your internship is to gain real world experience in the field of graphic design. Your internship should offer invaluable skills training and mentoring in the discipline. To ensure that your intern provider meets these standards it is important that you follow the procedures below:

Registering for Internship

  1. After locating an individual in a company or design office who is willing to supervise you as an intern for the semester, get an internship form from the Art Department undergraduate advisor’s office, Lisa Hewitt, CFA 205. Fill it out.
    • It will need to be signed by the individual in the company or design office who will be your internship supervisor.
    • The form will also need to be signed by Graphic Design Professor Stephanie Rothenberg in order to receive academic credit.
  2. The particular location for the internship must be approved by Stephanie Rothenberg (with the signed form) before you start the internship. Otherwise you will not receive credit or a grade for your internship.
  3. If you have already registered for the course without the required signatures you will still need to go through the process of getting it approved for credit. Fill out the form, have it signed by your internship supervisor and submit it to Lisa Hewitt in the undergraduate advisor’s office, CFA 205, immediately. She will contact Stephanie Rothenberg who will need to evaluate if the internship can be approved for credit. It is to your advantage to get the required signatures first.
  4. If you have all the signatures you can present the signed form to Lisa Hewitt and ask her to force register you for the course. You should register for ART 496 LAB for 3 credits.

Getting Your Grade – Internship Time Sheets and Weekly Log

  1. To earn 3 credits for the semester, you need to work under professional supervision a total of 120 hours (8 hours average per week) for 15 weeks or any arrangement that totals to 120 working hours for the semester.
  2. Keep and submit to Stephanie Rothenberg, at the end of the semester, a weekly log listing the hours you have spent on different types of assignments. Use the attached Excel Internship Timesheet to record and automatically total your internship hours.
  3. At the end of the semester, show Stephanie Rothenberg a reasonable representation of the work you have completed as an intern.
  4. At the end of the semester, preferably at the start of the exam period, ask your supervisor to submit via email a filled-out Internship Evaluation Form. In this ​form, your supervisor should recommend a letter grade for your performance. If you wish to receive a grade and credit for the course when the semester’s grades are distributed, be sure to get this form emailed to Stephanie Rothenberg no later than the last week of the semester.

> Internship Contacts
> Internship Evaluation Form
> Download the Timesheet (Excel)